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Client Testimonials

After western medicine did all it could for me, I was still so fatigued that getting groceries once a week was difficult. I came to Balanced Nutrition and Wellness with post-stroke balance issues, pre-diabetes concerns and weight management issues as well. Stephanie asked the right questions, and listened to all my answers, and together we crafted a do-able plan that included dietary changes, supplementation and key exercises to improve my balance. Well, I just returned from a New Mexico trip where I walked the mile plus loop in Carlsbad Caverns in one go, then enjoyed the rest of the day and the rest of the trip. That would have been unthinkable just six months ago. Thank you Balanced Nutrition and Wellness - I feel like me again!

B. Barr

Valrico, FL

​​“My family and I were looking to make healthy lifestyle changes. I knew I could get valuable information from Stephanie as she has provided me alternative and fresh advice in the past -- from using garlic to cure my kids’ warts to juicing healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables. Her extensive knowledge has prompted my family to make healthier choices regularly.” 

​I would just like to share how Balanced Nutrition and Wellness Consulting has helped me tremendously from having to head to the doctor's and being prescribed a needless antibiotic. She completed a reiki/energy session to alleviate my symptoms and treatment, the pounding in my head was GONE! For anyone looking for nutrition and wellness, stress management, healthy eating options/classes or just want to start working on a healthier YOU - please contact her. If you are looking for natural healthy lifestyle changes look no further.
C. Johnson
Valrico, FL

Stephanie Martin is a wonderful person and very knowledgeable about nutrition and holistic well-being. In May 2013, I started having “backside” pain and began the long, hard road to determine the cause or causes.  I tried everything from exercise to physical therapy sessions to acupuncture to injections.  All worked temporarily but nothing solved the problem. While working out at the gym, I casually mentioned my pain to Stephanie.  She suggested I try magnetic therapy; using magnet pads to increase the circulation in the affected area to, in turn, decrease the pain.  I was skeptical but willing to try anything to get rid of the intense pain I was having. THE MAGNET PAD WORKS!  I put the pads on and within a few hours, the pain was gone. Stephanie has also given me natural suggestions to help my grand-daughter focus in school.  With allergy season in full swing, her natural remedies have relieved our sneezing and coughing. Stephanie’s extensive knowledge of the human body and how everything works together enables her to be an excellent nutritionist and wellness counselor.  I highly recommend her!

Valrico, FL

​“I first sought out the help of Balanced Nutrition and Wellness Consulting to address my struggling immune system.  As an onsite independent meeting consultant, I spend a lot of time flying in planes and experienced recurring colds. Following Stephanie's advice on the proper use of oregano oil, I no longer experience travel related illness and my energy level has increased. Thank you, Stephanie, for helping me perform my job more effectively.”
Cindy, CJM Meeting Professionals
Valrico, FL

“I consulted Stephanie Martin in regards to severe intestinal discomfort that had plagued me for aver 20 years. Upon thorough evaluation, she recommended specific changes to my diet and added several supplements to aid in the healing process.  I felt unbelievably better within days of implementing her plan of action.  Stephanie has also helped me get relief from chronic muscle strain in my neck and shoulders by using energy medicine techniques.  I don't understand how it works but it does! I highly recommend Balanced Nutrition and Wellness Consulting to anyone seeking holistic healing.”
J.M., Sales and Service Executive
Valrico, FL

“In December 2002, I started using Stephanie with Mealtime Magic to prepare my meals each week.  I began looking into the service because I am allergic to MSG.  I'm a business owner and don't have time to cook meals from scratch to avoid the MSG.  I expected home cooked meals but it is much more than that.  Stephanie puts so much thought and preparation behind the meal planning and the meals are totally awesome.  Additionally, she does all the grocery shopping and leaves the kitchen spotless.  The meals taste even better than the meals I could get at a restaurant and they are always unique.  Even my extremely picky 10 year old daughter can't wait to see what is on the menu each week.  My entire family is extremely happy with Stephanie's cooking and would highly recommend it.  We now get to sit down as a family and enjoy wonderful meals together.”
A very satisfied customer,

Lithia, FL

“Stephanie, The dinner was just outstanding!  Anne and I truly enjoyed every mouthwatering bite!  You are a master of the culinary arts and I will recommend your services to all my friends.  Again, the meal was superb- Thanks for making our Christmas Eve a memorable event.”
K. Christensen

Lithia, FL

“In December 2013, I consulted with Stephanie Martin about ways to reduce, if not, eliminate my need for prescription medication.  I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol for many years and was wanting to make a change.  After learning about whole foods and high quality supplements, I have been able to get off of both medications and feel more energetic.  I would highly recommend Stephanie's services to anyone wanting to improve their health using natural methods.”

Brandon, FL