Go Holistic!

The fragrances in our Natural Home Fragrance collection will bring the fields of Provence, the flowers of the French Alps and the luxurious, sophisticated scents of French perfumes right into your living room. Our home fragrances are designed to be safe and to last long.

Our natural home care collection combines natural ingredients with innovation to give you the cleanest home possible without compromising your health. Our Chiffonnettes, natural cleansers and smart-cleaning tools were designed to make cleaning your home simpler, easier and faster.

The products in our Organic Personal Care collection are created with only the purest ingredients possible to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. Full of beneficial ingredients that will moisturize, balance and soften skin, you can feel confident in knowing that our products will reveal your skin’s natural beauty.

​Here are just a few of the most common chemicals found in mainstream cleaners, soaps, make up, lotions, etc.  Consider replacing them with effective all-natural alternatives from H2O at Home.

A healthy lifestyle goes beyond the foods that we eat and the beverages that we drink.

Through direct skin contact or lung inhalation, common household cleaning chemicals and personal care products can enter the bloodstream, collect in the tissues, and create potentially harmful effects to our health. The liver may struggle to detox the body, hormones can be disrupted, headaches may become commonplace, and unexplained skin rashes may appear.  

Consider H2O at Home home and personal care products to ensure that your living environment is as safe as possible.